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Short-term Inpatient Rehabilitation

McClay Health and Rehab is our distinct setting that is completely separate from the long-term section of McClay Senior Care.

Specialized short-term care

Clients are provided with a dedicated entrance, parking, hotel-like amenities and rehabilitation staff trained to help our clients achieve their goals to return home as quickly as possible.

Our designated treatment space includes the following:

  • Physical, occupational, and speech therapy
  • Skilled nursing, wound care and infusion services
  • Physician visits, lab, x-ray services
  • Cognitive stimulation therapy
  • Whirlpool, e-stim and pain management
  • Functional household garage
  • Follow-up outpatient therapy clinic available

Our daily care services

We are always here offering the support your loved one needs throughout the day. Whether it’s helping them with daily tasks, or providing emotional support, McClay Senior Care will continuously be there for them.

Why McClay?

We provide a customized regimen of care that focuses on individual needs and personal environments.

We do what it takes to bring you peace of mind.

24/7 Service Available