A place for your loved oned to call home.

We offer a person-centred approach to keep your loved ones safe and taken care of in our great home-like environment.

A support system for caregivers and families

Mcclay Senior Care is a state-of-the-art provider of senior care and rehabilitation services with experience and dedication to enhancing the quality of life for others. A place where we believe personal preference and choice are a priority.

We are a skilled nursing and rehab home that promotes healing and love through the intimacy of our building and amenities. By focusing on our resident’s strengths and abilities, our staff are able to provide the personal attention each person may need to reach even their toughest goals. By incorporating fun and purpose, we promote well-being by recognizing the spiritual, social, and personal interests of our residents.


We do what it takes to bring you peace of mind.

24/7 Service Available