Our licensed Occupational therapist

Offers our clients the chance to achieve their highest level of independence dressing, bathing, grooming.  Teaching and providing adaptive devices are a priority to reaching goals and freedom.

Our Certified occupational therapist helps our clients reach their goals through various individualized approaches:
  • Assessment and utilization of adaptive devices such as positioning, seating, splints, or equipment
  • Exercises
  • Innovative therapy approaches for persons with dementia or cognitive loss
  • Cognitive stimulation therapy

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Your local team of Client Care Managers are on call 24/7 to answer your questions and work with you to design a customized plan of care that is right for you.

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By helping with daily activities, our caregivers enable clients to maintain their normal daily routines. Surrounded by their possessions, pets, and a familiar environment, our clients receive the support they need to enjoy their regular activities and continue living well.